Why Marketing plans fail

Treating a Marketing plan as a stand alone document is a sure way to reduce it’s impact and make it to hard to get budget approval.

I’ve carried out Marketing reviews for lots of companies over the last ten years and discovered that the root cause of most issues is that the Marketing plan has not being tightly coupled to the overall business plan.  As a result justifying Marketing investments and measuring the value of Marketing is often challenging to say the least.

Before starting on a Marketing review it’s vital to see the Business plan, company objectives and strategy for achieving those objectives.  Sometimes this information needs to be organised to make it easier to communicate so I often produce a one page graphic version of the Business Plan.

Now I can review the existing Marketing activities based on how well they support the one page plan, particularly the top level objectives. This often cuts out some Marketing activities completely as well as re focusing others. The final step is examining how well the Marketing activities have been implemented and what can be done to improve their impact on the overall Business plan and objectives.


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