Which Marketing tools are best for gaining new customers?

One of the most frequently asked questions is: Which marketing tools are most successful?  We asked over 60 BtoB SME’s what worked for them and which Marketing tools did not deliver the results that they wanted. 

In the #1 slot was face to face networking and in the bottom places were printed ads and brochures. Read more about the survey results

Compared to results from previous surveys the effectiveness of “push” marketing actions, such as sending out thousands of untargeted emails, has reduced considerable. Customers and prospects regard them as wasting their time and often consign the sender, as well as their email, to the spam box.

Another key finding is that joined up Marketing works much more effectively than disconnected individual marketing activities. While the most effective marketing will always be a blend of tools appropriate to your business one successful route to new customers seems to be:

  1. Use LinkedIn to raise visibility and identify prospects
  2. Deliver appropriate content to the prospects via various marketing tools
  3. Get face to face meetings
  4. Gain and retain new customers

Read more about the survey results


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