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To get your 2016 plan implemented it has to be well communicated

Some of the most brilliant plans and strategies never get implemented. The problem is often communicating the strategy in a simple and easy to understand manner to a lot of

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Customers don’t love your products as much as you do

If you are selling a technology based product there is a strong temptation to overly focus on promoting the features of that product. After all you have put some much

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How to get business plans and strategies implemented

Deciding on revenue and profit targets for next year and even subsequent years is usually relatively easy. Like most things in life the harder bit is implementation, especially when  success

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Sales and Marketing working together – really?

In my experience the majority of "issues" in almost every company is where responsibility for an action or step in a process passes from one department to another. This is

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How to keep customers loyal

It's a very good idea to keep existing BtoB customers loyal.  But, what's the best way to do it? You could reduce your prices.  In most cases that'll have no

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How do I retain customers?

There are many examples of companies that have lost existing customers because they took their business for granted while focusing on getting more new customers.  How can you avoid this

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