Services – How I can help you

The majority of my projects are from clients who need to do something different due to market forces, changes in business strategy or customers changing needs . They want help to work out exactly what needs to be done and with the implementation of an agreed solution.    Here are some examples of typical problem statements from clients:

1. Marketing and Sales are not delivering the results.

2. How can we get everyone working to the same business plan?

3. Why aren’t customers buying as much as they did?

4. How can we really stand out from the competition?

5. The company is not working together across all departments

6. Our products are great – so why aren’t customers buying?

7. I want a one page business plan.

8. How do I identify my “perfect customer”?


Specific deliverables

All of my projects are based on clients specific needs and looking at their business from a customers point of view but they tend to include one or more of the following specific services.

A: Create a joined up business plan/strategy 

B: Customer surveys

C: Review of products and services from a customers point of view

D: Identify product and company positioning and “perfect” customers

E: Develop a joined up Marketing and Sales plan to support the business   plan and overall strategy.

F: Build and implement an internal communications programme

In addition to working on specific projects I am also available to speak about “Customers” and how they make buying decisions at your internal or external events.  Please call me to talk about your needs.


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