Sales and Marketing working together – really?

In my experience the majority of “issues” in almost every company is where responsibility for an action or step in a process passes from one department to another. This is not just between Sales and Marketing but between all departments in the business.  A key part of reducing this friction is linked and compatible objectives but they must go across the whole organisation.

The challenge is making this all work

Tools like a simple business plan, goal cascades and KPI’s can help a lot but as in everything else in life the key thing is implementation. These plans and processes need to be communicated and “sold” to employees or they will not work as well as they should.  This may be a radical thought but how about giving Marketing and Sales responsibility for “communicating” and “selling” these plans and processes inside the organisation? After all they have the skills.  This would bring both departments together with a common cause and the big advantage that when done well other departments would work better with them too.

Ultimately by working together inside the company Marketing and Sales will work better together bringing in the revenues and many of the day to day “issues” between them will be dissipated.


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