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Here is a selection of documents and articles that I’ve written.  You don’t need to provide any information to read, download or forward any of the documents. Also check out my blogs where there is lots more information.

If you would like more information on any of the documents or would like me to do a presentation at your event/meeting on any of these or other customer focused themes please contact me.


Your customers love you – or do they?

There is a gap between how organisations think customer rate them and how customers actually rate them. This white paper highlight just how big the gap can be and what to do about it.

Win and retain high value customers

This is a case study of an ICT Company with £40M revenues that had survived several ICT industry downturns but had lost some of their energy and direction.

Thinking from a customers perspective

This white paper examines how easy it is to be so focused on the business that we forget what it’s like to be a customer. It outlines how to use our own personal experiences to help our business

We asked 100 lawyers

The survey was created to find out how lawyers thought their clients would rate them compared to how clients actually rated them. It also includes some very interesting and perhaps surprising comments from clients.

Implementing Business Plans – A case study

The directors were very clear on the business strategy but realised that employees were not.  This needed to be fixed quickly. 

What do your suppliers do for you?

This survey was designed to discover what your suppliers can do for you beyond providing their products and services. See how you would rate some of your suppliers against the survey results.

What are the best marketing tools for acquiring new customers?

For most companies acquiring new customers isn’t getting any easier so it’s crucial to use the most effective marketing tools. To give you some help with this challenge I got 62 companies to tell us which marketing tools worked for them and which didn’t.

How to be better than the competition

Do you really know why your customers choose you over the competition?



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