How to keep customers loyal

It’s a very good idea to keep existing BtoB customers loyal.  But, what’s the best way to do it?

You could reduce your prices.  In most cases that’ll have no long term impact on the relationship with your customers but will hit your own profitability. If you gave away products or services it would have the same negative impact on your bottom line and your customer would soon forget it.  Even worse, they could expect reduced prices and free products as the new norm.

The challenge is to find something that your customers would value more than free stuff and price reductions but which costs you nothing.  The answer is to help your customers get more business for their own company. Nothing is more important to your BtoB customers than their own bottom line. Imagine the impact of passing your customers leads and contacts that they can convert into revenue and profit for their company. When a customer successfully closes a lead that you gave them your relationship moves to a different level. You will have a very happy customer who is most unlikely to attempt to replace you as a supplier and will want to work more closely with you.

The way to implement this strategy is for your Sales team to always be on the look out for sales opportunities for your customers as well as your own company. (There are ways to give them incentives and help them to do this). It’s very unlikely that your competitors will be using this strategy or that your customers would ever expect a supplier to get them more business. Done well you will get some very happy and loyal customers.


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