How to select the best Marketing Consultant

It can be very difficult for a company to cut through all the marketing jargon and heavy promotion of exciting new marketing technologies to find the right person to help with their specific problem.  Many marketing people get confused too!

To cut through this confusion be very clear about what you want to get out of hiring a Marketing Consultant because that is the most important thing. This needs to be written down along with what you don’t want. Personally I’d avoid any words that could be too vague. To me “strategy” and “tactics” are good examples of vague where there is no universally held consistent definitions. (One persons tactic is another persons strategy.) The key point is to keep it simple and clear using your language and as jargon free as possible. It should pass the “can my granny understand this?” test.

This document is the basis of a brief to help select you the most appropriate Marketing Consultant. Find some that understand you and your problem. You need to be able to understand them too!

Conversations with prospective suppliers will also help you refine the brief into a clear set of deliverables. During discussions the actual shape and scope of the project may change. That’s OK as long as you understand why and are happy. When you have an agreed brief the consultant will be able to give an accurate price and you have a way of measuring success.

For Marketing Consultants

My big tip for Marketing Consultants is to avoid using vague terms until you know what your potential customer means by them. After all they just want a particular problem solved.  Also avoid marketing jargon and over reliance on technologies to solve every problem. Technology won’t solve anything without your marketing expertise.


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