How to get a C level meeting

Most companies would love to be able to have a meeting with a prospects C level staff but achieving it very hard. Cold calling and broadcast marketing does not work.  So something different from the competition is essential.

To illustrate how it can be done this is how I managed to get a Director of Tesco to actually ask my client for a meeting. He had seen an article that I’d written for my client on: How to compete with Amazon. The piece was totally non selling and included specific information and recommendations that he had not seen elsewhere. He wanted to know more and invited my client to his office for a meeting.

To me this story is all about being prepared to spent a lot of effort researching and writing a piece that is targeted at something the prospect had on the top of their agenda. The piece took about 4 days to create over a few weeks but was well worth it. As well as the Tesco response the piece also became a highly successful fulfilment item for a targeted email campaign.

High value content marketing works in reaching C level people because few of your competitors are willing to put in the level of effort required to generate high quality content that adds value and stands out from everything else.


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