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The problem with Customer Surveys and what to do about it

Over the last few years an increasing number of businesses have ramped up the frequency of asking customers how they are doing. Many retailers ask after every transaction.  How many

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How to get customer feedback

There are two components in getting customer feedback. One is about the mechanics of collecting feedback and the second is about motivating people to give you feedback. The motivational aspect

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How do I retain customers?

There are many examples of companies that have lost existing customers because they took their business for granted while focusing on getting more new customers.  How can you avoid this

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Which Marketing tools are best for gaining new customers?

One of the most frequently asked questions is: Which marketing tools are most successful?  We asked over 60 BtoB SME's what worked for them and which Marketing tools did not

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What makes a good supplier great?

A great supplier is one who retains a larger than average percentage of existing customers and finds it easier than competitors to attract new customers.  But what is it that

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Your customers love you – or do they?

Many suppliers of products or services are over optimistic in thinking that their customers love them.  Perhaps this is because they don't asked customers what they really think about their

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Delighting customers is just Marketing blah blah

Most customers don't actually want to be "delighted" they just want their expectations to be met and companies to deliver as promised. Successful companies that really do care about their

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