About Malcolm Wicks

What Customers really want

For the last 15 years I’ve helped companies understand what their customers really want, the triggers that get their attention and, most importantly, get them to buy. I apply that knowledge as a foundation for simple marketing and sales plans to improve revenues and profits. A strong focus is on determining “perfect customers” and the Sales & Marketing techniques that will reach them most effectively.

I get most excited about helping companies see their businesses through the eyes of the customers.

Implementing change

In addition to helping you build your simple plan to improve profits I’ll also help you implement it to the level of detail that you want.  My aim is always to make myself redundant as soon as I can but to leave you with a strong marketing engine in place and more happy customers.

Who have I worked for?

My strategy has always been to work in a range of different industries because using successful techniques from outside your own industry will really make you stand out from your competitors.

Customers have included:

Tesco,  LINPAC,  Computer 2000, SDT,  KBDS,  Better Answers,  Aylesbury Training Group, QUBE,  Vintage Roots,  Telindus,  WRAP,  Pierhouse,  MD Construction,  MitsuiBabcock, Computer Assets,  Collect+,  River Thames Society, Aslan,  HP,  Branch,  Maple Group, WSI,  ELYO,  Brammer,  John Dennis Coachbuilders,   Zambian Ministry of Health,   Crown Agents, Greenfisher,  TRG,  Novex,  Goodwood  and 3663

Next step

Have a look at some of my free Resources to find out more or visit my blog. Please contact me with any feedback or to talk about your specific needs.

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