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Should marketing and sales be separate functions?

I'm often asked if Marketing and Sales should be combined into just one function.  I always answer in the same way.  It’'s not about where they report but what they

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How to get a Marketing budget approved

It seems to have become an automatic reaction for us marketing people to say don't cut the Marketing budget in difficult times. To me this is rather naive. The vast

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Why Marketing plans fail

Treating a Marketing plan as a stand alone document is a sure way to reduce it's impact and make it to hard to get budget approval. I've carried out Marketing

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What networking events work best?

I spent 6 years looking after events for IoD Berkshire and spent a lot of time asking members what events worked for them. The common answer was events that draw

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Definition of innovation

Innovation is anything that makes life better for customers, easier for staff and cheaper for the business. The best innovations do all three at once.   Blog: home              

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Delighting customers is just Marketing blah blah

Most customers don't actually want to be "delighted" they just want their expectations to be met and companies to deliver as promised. Successful companies that really do care about their

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